My health and wellness business, art and mission to help others live their healthiest lives is funded by many tiny streams of income, all flowing into a (tiny) river. For example, this includes: Book and DVD sales, streaming music online and donations. More than anything, I rely on kindness and karma to make it in this world.

The biggest way you can support me is by spreading the word. If you have a favorite fitness site or health publication that you think would be a good fit – tell them about me! Or drop us a note and my publicist will contact them directly. That is the MOST supportive thing you can do. Buying my books, DVDs or music is also incredibly awesome as well.


If you can offer anything to help me share with others the story of my journey (losing 345 pounds, beating an eating disorder and healing from a debilitating car accident), then please donate using the button below. Your donations will help with office equipment, editor fees, future publication/production costs and the expenses related to being a full-time writer, fitness facilitator and artist. I am so grateful for your support…thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love, Kitty =^.^=


P.S.- I promise I won’t buy food with any money donated, LOL. 100% will go to creating content to help others who are struggling like I was in this pic, (even though some of us never would’ve dreamed when we were about to eat the entire cake in one setting we’d document it to for all to see…*face palm*). I’m never going back to the lowest point in my life again. Just sayin’!