May 29, 2019

Songwriting Demos KN

“Songwriting Demos: The Archives Series – Age 11 to 15” was released and is available for purchase or streaming. It features songs I wrote, produced, played and recorded from ages 11-15. If you listen closely you can hear me (with a decidedly higher-pitched voice) opening my big ol’ mouth to scream out directions to a vocalist I’d hired to lay down a few scratch vocal tracks when I had a cold LOL. I guess I realized I was always meant to run my own company, even at age 11!

May 27, 2019


“Hard Wheels” was written by my partner, Jack and I. It fits into the “murder ballad” category of songs we have in our arsenal. Creepy, but fun to write from another perspective!

May 25, 2019

Our Secret Song

“Our Secret Song (The Archives Series)” was released and is one of my favs of all the ones I’ve written. Recorded when I was 16 years old. I adore the chord progression!

May 23, 2019

Kentucky Waltz

“Kentucky Waltz (The Archives Series)” was recorded by me at age 16. Although it’s not an original, I wanted to record it because it has such a soothing and pretty melody.

May 21, 2019


“Get On The Train (Music From The Original Motion Picture Jug Band Hokum)” is the lead single from the film Jack and I directed. We wrote this one years ago, but decided it worked well as the opening song for the credits. I know right, it’s perfect to include a song about trains in a movie soundtrack that has absolutely nothing to do with trains LOL? Whatever our logic, the song pairs well with this crazy and quirky movie. Check it out! 🙂

April 20, 2019

Happy 420 from Jack and Kitty! A few fun pieces of content to celebrate this special day…

First, Kitty’s new single “Redemption Song” is now available on Amazon and Bandcamp. Additional retailers around the world will be added throughout the week. Check with your favorite download or streaming service to get this fun cover of the classic Bob Marley tune.

If you’d like to listen to it on YouTube, check out this “yule log for stoners” video…

Not to be out done on this high holy holiday, Jack has released a special video for “The Reefer Song” from his recent album, “Busker’s Blues”

April 19, 2019

A new single from my solo project is coming…just in time for 4/20! I’m the niece of reggae legend Bunny Wailer, and tomorrow I’ll be releasing my cover of the Bob Marley classic, “Redemption Song”. Jack Norton plays guitar on this tune. The song also lasts exactly 4:20! 😉

Check back tomorrow for download/streaming links.


March 6, 2019

I just released the first single from my new solo project. I’m so excited for you to hear it. We had so much fun recording. My friend Chad Johnson plays guitar and I couldn’t have done it without him. The song is called “Using You”. Listen to it right meow!


January 30, 2019

I was featured in First For Women magazine. So excited!

As Featured In....png

August 14, 2017

I wrote and performed four songs featured in this Oscar nominated movie starring Willem Dafoe!

March 29, 2016

Watch supermodel Abbey Lee eat cake in a mobile home while watching my big ‘ol head. Keep an eye out for me around 4:43 LOL.

April 30, 2015

So excited to be an official yoga teacher (RYT-200 hr) meow!